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All of our teachers are native English speakers with training and background in education. Experience in teaching English to young learners is also a must. We strongly believe in hiring high calibre native English teachers, not just any native speakers who want to teach.

Ms Sophie sparkenglish
SparkEnglish Ms Connie
Ms Angela

Ms Sophie


Ms Sophie is our founder and principal. She has vast experience in teaching English to young learners. She founded SparkEnglish... read more

Ms Connie

Programme Director

Ms Connie has 8 years of experience teaching English to children in Hong Kong. She loves sharing her knowledge with others... read more

Ms Angela


Ms Angela has over 6 years’ experience teaching English abroad, including to children at international schools, 1 to 1 tuition... read more
Ms Rekha
SparkEnglish Ms Janette
Ms Grace

Ms Rekha


Ms Rekha has extensive experience working with children and youth across Canada in a variety of areas including language, science, ... read more

Ms Janette


Ms Janette has years of experience teaching young children in Hong Kong. She is exceptional in identifying students' strengths... read more

Ms Grace


Ms Grace has years of experience teaching young children in Hong Kong. She enjoys interacting with young children and would always... read more

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Do you want to find out your child’s English level? We provide a free assessment if you fill out the form below. Our assessment covers all aspects of English learning and is conducted by our principal or programme director. The assessment provides insight into your child’s strengths, areas of improvement and learning strategy going forward.

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